Odem. He's a natural lawman alright, perhaps the only obstruction between myself and the realization of an era men dream wistfully of but let linger like so many wafting tumbleweeds in the arid breeze of apathy.


The vibro monkey doesn't seem to enjoy serving as my pleasure vessel but that's really not my prerogative. Of course the town denizens complain, and Odem's not too far behind, primed to take 'em away. Whatever.


"Jesus Christ. Give me that. You know you're not allowed to have those things."


No more vibro jumpy monkeys. Unless you can incorporate them into our little civil town as a productive element they're not welcome here.


"I don't get what his problem is. It's not like I stick them on people's faces or anything."

"You could show him up by adhering to his conditions."


That's Camdren, Robot Cowboy's BROTHER.


Robot Cowboy isn't here right now though, he's doing shit like saving the world or looking for some stupid kid that got lost in a cave.


Which is sort of stupid in its own right. Going after dumbass kids I mean.


Anyway I went ahead and DID IT. I let a bunch loose and claim they pick up litter. So now Odem hates the holy living fuck out of me but can't do anything. In reality they defecate more than they actually clean.


But that isn't my prerogative.